My name is Orlando, but some people call me Harry.

I'm a Greek-American. I'm an optimist. A brother. An international relations nerd. An aspiring legal mind. A photographer. A filmmaker. A graduate of Tufts University. A salesperson. A long-distance runner. A long-distance driver. An Eagle Scout. A Sunday school teacher. A student. A singer. A work in progress.

I created this space to reflect some of these pieces of me, to put them next to each other and see how they make a whole. I sometimes struggle to relate a cohesive version of myself, to make real in the world the vision I have of myself. This is an attempt.

I've collected some of my writings and photos and films in order to make tangible my accomplishments. These are the symptoms of my development, my education, my passion.

I create to speak to an audience. Hopefully, in these pages, I can speak to you. 

Send me an email: orlando@orlandoeconomos.com