So Trump went to Singapore, and met with Kim, and there was a "comprehensive deal"! Wow! Best deal ever!

I'll write a longer piece about this on Friday, because there are sure to be developments, but here's the actual deal: what was signed this morning is largely meaningless. In terms of all the ways this meeting could have ended, this is honestly one of the best outcomes. But that doesn't mean the meeting should have happened, or was effective. Four things were agreed:

1. A new relationship between the US and NK

2. US and NK will work towards a stable peace on the peninsula

3. NK reaffirms its commitment to denuclearization.

4. US and NK will repatriate the remains of POW/MIAs.

All well and good, except: this agreement isn't legally binding, like, at all; and NK already committed to denuclearization during the summit with South Korea, and we still have not specified what they mean by that. So it's a nice thing, and we're further from war than we were in the era of the "little rocket man" and the "dotard", but we're not any closer to a denuclearized North Korea either. If anything, this emboldens and solidifies Kim's power, and Trump's declaration to halt joint military exercises is another win for Kim and -- you guessed it -- Chinese president Xi Jinping.

More on Friday. #fpf